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Project Transformation Oklahoma

Mission: Project Transformation is a children’s literacy program that transforms lives and revitalizes economically distressed communities by providing educational opportunities, fostering positive leadership, and engaging individuals and congregations in effective social outreach. 


Project Transformation Oklahoma operates eight-week, summer literacy programs with 56 college-aged AmeriCorps Members serving more than 450 children in 8 high-need neighborhoods. The programs for at-risk children grades 1-8, focus on enriching mind and body with an emphasis on literacy.

The Summer Program is an evidence-based program that was designed to help children develop a love for reading and learning, remain engaged in school, and maintain or improve their reading level during the summer months when most children from low-income families lose ground they have gained the previous school year. 

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As summer approaches, most high school students begin to daydream of time spent on the beach or relaxing with friends. However, students in Union City have much more ambitious plans in mind. After completing their first year of personalized learning, these high schoolers have asked school administrators to let them continue their coursework into late June. 

Personalized learning allows students to complete their assignments with flexibility as to their time, path, pace and place. While the traditional school day requires arrival and departure at specific times, personalized learning gives students the flexibility to choose when they attend school within set hours, as long as students meet the state-mandated 6.5 hours of seat time each day. In addition, students blend in-person and online instruction.

To continue this work into the summer, Union City High School hopes to raise $6,500 to fund five teacher salaries to oversee the program. If funded, the program will run from May 23 to June 20.

For more information or to donate, please contact Kasey Boes with the Oklahoma Public School Resource Center at (405) 561-1949, or email Donations to this program may qualify for a tax credit. 

Water4 Inspires Innovation and Equips Entrepreneurs in Africa

 Water4, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit, has focused on eradicating the world water crisis by fostering entrepreneurship since 2008.

Guided by a belief that opportunity is greater than charity, Water4 employs a unique approach: empower local men and women in developing countries to solve their own community’s water needs. Water4 accomplishes this through a robust training process, resulting in local entrepreneurs owning and operating their own water well drilling and repair businesses.

 Nestor, a Togolese national, is just one example. He is leading the charge in Togo to end the water crisis by innovating new drilling tools for his small business, which now has three active drill teams. Since 2010, Nestor and his teams have completed 353 water projects serving nearly 106,000 people. 

2013 Water4 Gala- Nestor's Story from Lampstand on Vimeo.

Nestor is just one of more than 400 exceptional men and women that Water4 supports throughout Africa. Their goal? To end the water crisis in their own communities in their lifetime.

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By Communities Foundation of Oklahoma / February 13, 2017

Maisha is a nonprofit organization based in Oklahoma City that works in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. With a mission to bring hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness, Maisha works to:

  • install drip irrigation in gardens and further implementation of rain catchment all existing and future buildings
  • feed over 600 orphans and widows every day at the Maisha Feeding Project
  • build Maisha Academy Dormitories to provide a safe environment for at-risk students
  • match every child in Legacy of Hope with a sponsor to ensure their education
  • open the Maisha Clinc
  • invest in microfinance and empowerment initiatives 




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By Communities Foundation of Oklahoma / January 26, 2017

The mission of the Little Light House (LLH) is to glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and their communities. We accomplish this mission by providing tuition-free educational and therapeutic services to children with special needs ages birth to six regardless of religious beliefs, race, gender, or ability to contribute financially. The Little Light House has been a part of Tulsa since October 3, 1972. What began with one teacher, five students, and five volunteers has grown into a nationally recognized developmental center for children with special needs with over 50 staff members serving 92 students alongside many volunteers. The LLH does not charge tuition and receives money only from private sources. The LLH does not receive funding from government sources or the United Way. The LLH has been recognized on a local, state, and national level and has received multiple awards including being named the 536th Point of Light by President George Bush, School of the Year by ICAA, Best of the Best Charity in Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Non-Profit of Excellence (ONE) Award from the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. We also just received the True Inspiration Award for the Southwest Region of the United States by the Chick-Fil-A Foundation.




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