Cities In Schools, Inc. (CIS) in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Mission: CIS is a non-profit organization that strives to assist the community to help the area schools meet the critical needs of students, and provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students receive mentoring and participate in literacy activities

Organization Description: CIS serves low-income Pre-K through 5th grade students. CIS achieves its mission through two out-of-school programs; the 33-week After School Program and the eight-week Summer Day Camp. The main goal of CIS is to help the under-served Ardmore area students improve their literacy skills in the After School Program, and to prevent summer learning loss through the Summer Day Camp. CIS also strives to increase its participants’ academic engagement and to reduce hunger. Staff for both the CIS After School Program and the Summer Day Camp consist of selected AmeriCorps members, as well as hourly employees. Our 17 after school employees and AmeriCorps members, and the 41 summer employees and AmeriCorps members, attend 27 hours of training for one to two weeks before each program begins.

CIS helps its students by offering homework assistance; facilitating group and individual reading sessions; incorporating interactive literacy activities, such as Word BINGO, sight word recognition, meta cognition activities, phonics activities, and phonemic awareness activities; presenting free nutritious snacks and meals through the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma; conducting pre and post academic engagement surveys; analyzing pre, post, and quarterly literacy reports; and engaging our counselors, AmeriCorps members, and students in supervised free play-time. During the Summer Day Camp, we also offer more educational subjects, such as STEM and art, and we utilize weekly field trips, such as pool time and museum tours.

Learn More: To learn more about CIS, please visit or email Mary Lane Porter at [email protected]. You can also call the CIS office phone at (580) 223 – 8762.