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The Bethel Foundation reaches out to one single mom at a time -- giving a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel by providing team support with mentoring, rehabilitation and quality housing.

CAMP SONLIGHT- Allow 35 campers
Outdoor Adventure Camp for at risk boys ages 6 to 11 years old.  This Camp is held June 8-10 where as the boys come out Friday Morning at 9am and stay until Sunday noon This is a true outdoor Adventure Camp where they camp out in tents Learn how to fish, archery, BB Guns outdoor cooking on the Fire pit  Nighttime stories along with Smores  This camp is an excellent introduction to outdoor skills,. They pack the most experience into the least amount of time.

KIDS RIOCK CAMP -Allow 35 children
This Camp is held June 18th, -22nd from 9am to 5pm  This is a Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Camp for 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders  where they will become little chefs for a week with hands on experience learning how to prepare food on a budget. We bring in Dietitian and Nutrition's to plan out age appropriate menus. They also learn basic 1st aid and receive a new 1st aid kit. They will learn about Fire Safety and receive a Smoke Alarm. They will receive a cookbook at the end of the week with all the recipes they learned to make along with a Chef Hat, & Mittens. They will also take home a new backpack along with School Supplies These children will be able to prepare a meal if they are home alone after school.

ARTSY DOODLE CAMP-Allow 35 campers
This Camp is held July 16th - 19th from 10am to 4pm  Artsy Doodle Camp is a Educational Cultural Camp where the  campers will learn about the following Cultures  Native American, Hispanic, African American, Asian   They will learn about these cultures thru Creative Art , Music & Dance and  Food each day

These three summer camps will have 105 children with a single sponsorship of $100.00 per camper or a total of $3,500 per Camp Sponsorship.  We would be extremely Thankful allowing Children to experience a summer camp that normally would not be able to do. Sponsorships allow us to continue making these camp Free.

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With an estimated 1.2 million visitors every year, River Parks in Tulsa is Oklahoma’s most popular attraction! Since its founding, River Parks has changed the face of Tulsa's riverfront from miles of totally unimproved or industrialized land to one of Tulsa's most heavily-used and beloved public parks. River Parks has merged commercial interests, wildlife habitat, sports, recreation and entertainment uses with residential areas ranging from public housing to Tulsa's most prestigious neighborhoods. Keeping the 800 acres of parkland clean, maintained, safe and accessible are River Parks Authority’s biggest responsibilities. A 26-mile asphalt-surfaced pedestrian/biking trail system weaves through open lawns and playgrounds, past bronze wildlife sculptures and the seasonal color of native trees and wildflowers in a thriving urban river ecosystem. Tulsa citizens and visitors use the River Parks to walk, run, cycle, picnic, kayak and fish; to play disc golf, rugby and soccer; to enjoy its playgrounds and water features; to attend special events such as festivals and concerts; and to participate in competitive running and cycling events. To find trail maps, activities, event dates and to learn more about Tulsa’s River Parks visit support River Parks, donations can be made to the River Parks Foundation through the website.


South Central Industries (SCI) was established in Shawnee in 1981 to provide vocational training, employment opportunities and residential daily living services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Although SCI currently serves over 50 clients there are many individuals and their families who are still underserved or unserved all together. As of 2017 there were 7,609 developmentally challenged individuals on the Oklahoma waiting list for assistance. In Pottawatomie County there are over 175 handicapped and disabled individuals on the waiting list in need of housing, habilitation training and daily programming assistance. SCI would like to be able to accept more clients and place these individuals in vocations that will provide them with purpose, social outlets, a profitable paycheck, benefits including retirement and provide their families respite, resources and support. The year 2017 saw a dramatic cut in funding from the Department of Oklahoma for programs like SCI. Many disabled individuals were placed in jeopardy of losing their housing, jobs, medical providers and social networks. In order to continue serving current clients and to work toward meeting the need of the under and unserved population, SCI identified the need to diversify its funding sources. As a model social entrepreneur focused on meeting a social need through sustainable revenue streams, SCI’s goal is to expand its revenue producing ventures by marketing to a wider customer base with new product offerings which in addition to a healthier more secure bottom line will also mean more job opportunities for clients. SCI has already made an annual investment of over $72,000/annually in hiring a full time Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator and a Product Development/Customer Development Coordinator. These positions’ main job objectives are educating local and State private businesses about the benefits of SCI, expanding product lines, improving customer service, increasing community social awareness and enhancing SCI’s image through rebranding of logo, marketing materials, videos, messaging, website and creating a campus feel on the four city blocks that SCI occupies through external building repairs and coordinated paint facades. Having community support and understanding is paramount in continuing SCI’s work to raise awareness about developmental disabilities. SCI wants to change the adage, “Don’t stare that is rude," to “Look, Listen, Learn and Lend-a-hand." SCI wants to help break societal barriers that have caused isolation for many of our clients. Acquisition of a strategically placed warehouse (10,000 sq ft for $175,000 w/dock and heat & air) will also allow for product and customer growth and expansion of job opportunities and increased sustainability. Having community support and understanding is paramount in continuing SCI’s work to raise awareness about developmental disabilities. The Anderson Foundation from Austin, Texas, has recently issued a $40,000 matching grant to help toward this purchase.With your assistance and support, SCI will be a trendsetter in this industry as together we set the standard of possibilities for this demographic who seldom gets the recognition for their heroic achievements and desires to be just like you and me.


For more information about South Central Industries, South Central Group Homes, this matching grant project or the business opportunities South Central offers in order to sustain its mission, please contact:
Tina Hanna, Executive Director  |  405-275-3851  |

By Communities Foundation of Oklahoma / January 10, 2018

Newspapers In Education (NIE) provides resources to nearly 30% of the total statewide student population by servicing over 193,000 Oklahoma students. Last year, we performed an analysis of our registered schools based on a report published by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. What we learned through that process is that 70% of the schools being served by our Newspapers in Education program are schools in which 50% or more of the student body participated in the Free Lunch program during the 2015 – 2016 school year. To get an idea of what we do and how we support Oklahoma teachers and students, we invite you to watch the following video:

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By Communities Foundation of Oklahoma / December 28, 2017


The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance builds broad, deep, and innovative pathways for students to access high-impact careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


Each year in Oklahoma, 1,000 new STEM jobs remain unfilled because our workforce currently lacks enough qualified candidates to fill positions in these career fields. The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA) provides the foundation our future workforce needs by fostering students’ interest and improving their abilities in STEM subjects. TRSA helps students in northeast Oklahoma learn and enjoy STEM classes while preparing them to be world class problem-solvers in our modern economy. In 2017, TRSA is on track to provide more than 130,000 hours of programming and 16,000 hours of mentorship for students, as well as state-of-the-art professional development programs for teachers.

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