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Oklahoma Puppy Express
By Communities Foundation of Oklahoma / February 3, 2016

Oklahoma Puppy Express is a nonprofit group that assists the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. When dogs are brought to the shelter, they are quarantined for an incubation period to check for diseases. If the dogs are declared disease-free by a veterinarian, they are then available for adoption.

It seems that Oklahoma has a surplus of dogs and if there is no home for them, they will be euthanized. When a group of concerned citizens discovered this, they explored the feasibility of transporting dogs to other states where homes are available for them — and thus the Oklahoma Puppy Express was born.

With donations and volunteer support, at risk dogs and puppies are transported from kill shelters in Oklahoma, to cities with a genuine need for dogs and puppies to adopt. The puppy express van has made man runs down the interstate chock full of lovable animals on their way to new homes.

Oklahoma Puppy Express is a Fiscal Sponsorship of Communities Foundation of Oklahoma  

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