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River Parks

With an estimated 1.2 million visitors every year, River Parks in Tulsa is Oklahoma’s most popular attraction! Since its founding, River Parks has changed the face of Tulsa's riverfront from miles of totally unimproved or industrialized land to one of Tulsa's most heavily-used and beloved public parks. River Parks has merged commercial interests, wildlife habitat, sports, recreation and entertainment uses with residential areas ranging from public housing to Tulsa's most prestigious neighborhoods. Keeping the 800 acres of parkland clean, maintained, safe and accessible are River Parks Authority’s biggest responsibilities. A 26-mile asphalt-surfaced pedestrian/biking trail system weaves through open lawns and playgrounds, past bronze wildlife sculptures and the seasonal color of native trees and wildflowers in a thriving urban river ecosystem. Tulsa citizens and visitors use the River Parks to walk, run, cycle, picnic, kayak and fish; to play disc golf, rugby and soccer; to enjoy its playgrounds and water features; to attend special events such as festivals and concerts; and to participate in competitive running and cycling events. To find trail maps, activities, event dates and to learn more about Tulsa’s River Parks visit support River Parks, donations can be made to the River Parks Foundation through the website.

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