Endowment Funds

Agency Endowments benefit specific nonprofit organizations by providing perpetual support in the form of an annual distribution.

Any Oklahoma-based 501(c)(3) public charity can establish such a fund with an initial contribution of at least Twenty-five Thousand ($25,000) Dollars. Endowments can be created to provide unrestricted support (aka general support) or can have a narrow focus such as building maintenance or supporting a particular program year after year.

Endowment funds are invested in one, or a combination of, our three investment pools (balanced, growth or conservative).  In this way our endowments enjoy the opportunity to earn based on the performance of the larger pool.  Annual distributions are calculated based on CFO's spending policy and checks are sent directly to the designated charity each fall.

Designated Endowments

Similarly, an individual donor can create a Designated Endowment to ensure that permanent support will be provided to specific 501(c)(3) public charities named by the donor. Designated Endowments work just like Agency Endowments -- the only distinction is the way in which the fund is created.

Matching Funds Program

The Matching Funds Program is designed to encourage growth among the permanent endowment funds held at CFO.  Learn more

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