Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from one of the many programs administered by Communities Foundation of Oklahoma!  All multi-year scholarships are contingent on basic reporting requirements so please take a few moments to carefully review the bullet points provided below.  Failure to provide the required documents by the deadlines indicated below will result in termination of your scholarship.

  • If you are new recipient you must complete your student agreement in our online portal prior to June 10th. You will find your student agreement by logging into the account you created to apply for your scholarship at
  • Remember that we need to hear from you at the end of each fall and spring semester while you are an active scholarship recipient.   Your official transcript and narrative report will be due every January 25th (following each fall semester) and every June 15th (following each spring semester).  Please take a moment to mark these important deadlines on your calendar for all remaining semesters.   Regulations and best-practices require that we strictly adhere to these deadlines.  Courtesy reminders may be sent via email but it is your responsibility to ensure these deadlines are consistently met. At the bottom of this page we've provided additional guidance regarding the required narrative report.  
  • All 2017 and future recipients will be required to submit their official transcripts and narrative report through their account located at
  • If you were awarded your scholarship prior to 2017 you may submit your required update in one of the following ways. We are not able to accept screenshots or pictures taken with your smartphone of any required document.  Please submit your documents to our office as a high-quality PDF files, emailed to Austin Klososky, Director of Scholarships.   Alternatively you may fax or mail the hard-copies to our office.  Our fax number is 405.755.0938.  Our mailing address is PO BOX 21210, Oklahoma City, OK 73156.  If you submit your required documentation via fax or US Mail, please call Lauren a few days later to confirm that she received it.  When documents are submitted via email, Lauren will reply to your message confirming receipt.  It is best to send all documents to Lauren's attention via email so that you have confirmation it was sent.  
  • Enhanced regulations mean that we are no longer able to speak to parents or guardians about your scholarship.  We have entered into a scholarship agreement with you, the student, and are now only able to communicate with you regarding the specifics of your award.  We're always happy to answer your questions so give us a call. Our telephone number is 405.488.1450.  
  • Please let us know if your email address changes. Communications from our office are always sent via email to the address we have on file.  




All scholarship payments will be sent directly to your college or university.  Our office notifies each school of your award before the semester begins. (Remember, it is important for us to know which school you are attending so please let Austin know of any changes that may occur after you submit your initial paperwork to our office.)  After your school's official add/drop date has passed, the registrar's office will send us verification that you are still enrolled. Payments are issued only after this verification process is finalized.  


Narrative Reports

The narrative report should be typed, not hand-written, and include the following:: 

  • Your updated contact information (email, phone, and mailing address)
  • The name of the school you are/will be attending next semester
  • Your declared major (and a note if it has changed from previous reports)
  • A paragraph or two highlighting your non-academic activities (e.g., participation in sports, membership in organization, employment held, community service, etc.)
  • A general reflection of your college experience thus far


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