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As communities continue to face ongoing challenges, such as underperforming schools and homelessness, the availability of stable consistent revenue from endowment funds provide sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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Societal needs aren’t going to go away. Endowment Funds ensure that your gift is available into the future. Endowment Funds provide donors an effective way to create a permanent legacy in Oklahoma that is for a singular cause or organization they are most passionate about. Whether it provides permanent, annual funding for a homeless shelter or an endowed position at a university supporting cutting-edge science, your family or your organization can effect enduring change in perpetuity with Endowment Funds. CFO offers unique endowment fund capabilities including the flexibility to request return of corpus in case of an emergency and depending on board policy, a standing endowment match.

Any Oklahoma-based 501(c)(3) public charity can establish an agency endowment with an initial contribution of at least twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars. Similarly, an individual donor can create a designated endowment to ensure that permanent support will be provided to specific 501(c)(3) public charities named by the donor. Endowments can be created to provide unrestricted support for general operating or can have a narrow focus such as building maintenance or supporting a particular program year after year.

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