Fiscal Sponsorship Funds


Fiscal Sponsorship is an option that may be available for a project, short-term or on-going, that qualifies for tax-exempt status but applying for and maintaining separate tax-exempt status doesn’t make sense. This can be a valuable alternative that produces private and public efficiencies through shared administration while providing financial oversight.

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds are for individuals or groups looking to execute a charitable project or service in communities across Oklahoma. These projects are unique and are closely monitored by the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma. This is not an IRS workaround and we will work with you or your organization to ensure that the project remains fully compliant with the IRS and help you achieve 501c3 status, if that is your end goal. Because the requirements for a Fiscal Sponsorship Fund can vary, let’s set up a time to talk about your goals and how CFO can make them a reality!

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