Matching Guidelines

Communities Foundation of Oklahoma (CFO) is committed to creating Funds that help communities meet the challenges of changing times; to connecting donors with community needs in supporting the long term impact of vital community organizations; and to meeting the charitable needs of all Oklahomans in communities large and small…now and forever.

To promote community philanthropy and involvement and to strengthen charitable organizations in Oklahoma communities, the Endowment Matching Program is designed to help build and grow permanent endowment funds held at CFO. 

2020 Matching Program Guidelines 

Donations into endowment accounts will earn a match of five cents ($0.05) for each dollar ($1.00) processed, up to a maximum of fifty-thousand dollars ($50,000) matched in any given year.  

Two examples:

  • A new endowment established with an initial deposit of $25,000 will earn a match of $1,250
  • Unrelated to the example above, if an existing endowment grows by $1,000,000 during the matching program period, the endowment will qualify for our maximum match of $50,000

This will apply to all new and existing endowments.

*The matching program is available on a first-come, first-served basis while funds remain. 

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