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Scholarship Funds provide an opportunity for direct impact giving. Whether the intent is to afford the opportunity for low-income students to attend college, memorialize a loved one by offering a scholarship in their name, or incentivize young Oklahomans to pursue a certain career path, scholarship funds are a great option for investing your charitable dollars. With a shared commitment to educational opportunity, individuals, families, and organizations establish scholarship funds with a wide range of goals and purposes in mind. CFO will work with you to determine criteria for your scholarship and ensure the selection process is fair and open.

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All students deserve the opportunity to pursue a well-paying career, determined by their dreams, aptitudes and hard work – not by their socioeconomic status. We believe each person has the right to realize their potential. Endowed scholarship funds are simple and quick to establish. Any donor can establish such a fund with an initial contribution of at least twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars.

CFO’s Director of Scholarships will assist you with each step of the process from opening your fund to awarding your scholarships. Once fund documents are signed and the initial gift is made, you become a member of CFO’s family of scholarship funds. For more information and to discuss options, contact Amber Shelton at


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