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Scholarships from CFO

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Congratulations!  Remember that each award comes with certain reporting responsibilities.  Visit our Student FAQs below for information on how to remain eligible for future payments/awards. You can also access the scholarship portal below.

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Student FAQs

Scholarships assist Oklahoma students in pursuit of higher education. At Communities Foundation of Oklahoma (CFO) we administer scholarships to individual students from communities large and small.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Director of Scholarships, Amber Shelton, at 1.405.488.1450 or via email

Where will my scholarship award be sent?

All award payments will be made directly to the university that you list on your student agreement. It is your responsibility to notify CFO if you transfer to a different school.

When will my award arrive?

Each semester, CFO will verify enrollment with your school’s registrar. Exact payment dates vary based on how quickly your school supplies us with the necessary information, but you can generally expect to receive payment to your school bursar account between 9/1 and 10/15 in the Fall, and between 2/1 and 3/15 in the Spring.

Do I have to submit my transcript each semester?

Each scholarship is unique, but generally if you are the recipient of a multi-semester award then you must login to the student portal to complete a semester update at the conclusion of each semester. These are due on January 25th for the Fall semester, and June 15th for the Spring semester.

My school is on a trimester or quarter system instead of semesters, can my award be paid accordingly?

We are happy to assist students who are on other instruction schedules. Please contact Amber Shelton, Director of Scholarships at to work out the details.

I’m taking Summer or Intersession classes; can my scholarship be used to pay for those?

CFO pays out scholarships based on your school’s instructional schedule. For most schools, this is the Semester system which means CFO sends two payments a year (Fall & Spring).

Where can I find the criteria (GPA and other requirements) for my scholarship?

These can be found in your Student Agreement which can be accessed on the student scholarship portal.

Can my parent contact you on my behalf?

No. Your scholarship is between you (the student) and Communities Foundation of Oklahoma. CFO will not speak to parents/guardians regarding your scholarship under any circumstance.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my scholarship?

Please contact Amber Shelton, Director of Scholarships at

PO Box 21210, Oklahoma City, OK 73156

801 NW 63rd St Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 488-1450

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