Communities Foundation of Oklahoma

Empowering individuals and communities to create positive change

Communities Foundation of Oklahoma

Empowering individuals and communities to create positive change

Communities Foundation of Oklahoma

Empowering individuals and communities to create positive change

We believe in the power of connecting individuals, nonprofits, businesses and communities

 When passionate people are paired with the purposes they care about, positive change happens.

We believe in strengthening communities through thoughtful, deliberately designed charitable giving. Our mission is to focus on each donor’s goals of asset growth, impact and legacy. By designing a custom plan to accomplish each donor’s charitable purposes, we work to make CFO the region’s most trusted resource for giving to impact communities.

Who We Serve




At Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, values-based giving is for everyone. We connect people with their passion to impact their community. We provide the technical expertise so individuals and organizations can strengthen and enrich the places they call home.

Whether working with individuals, communities, businesses, or nonprofits, CFO customizes services to make the wisest investments to improve the well-being of your region. We provide you with personalized services and help identify the issues affecting your community and the organizations working to address them.

Where the Journey Begins


What’s your passion? At the CFO, we’re committed to creating all the right connections. With us as your philanthropic GPS, your journey is focused on the joy of giving. As a CFO donor, you’re invited to become involved in the philanthropic experience to the degree that’s right for you. That’s why we offer a wide variety of engagement opportunities designed to guide you in your philanthropic journey – and to help you share in the joy of giving.


Are you a business owner? Both small and mid-size businesses oftentimes need help planning their corporate philanthropic efforts in order to make a community impact while reaping the tax benefits that larger corporations receive. CFO provides a comprehensive marketing and administrative support team to help curate how you want your philanthropy to be and how it can impact your brand. Let us do the legwork for you.


At CFO, we believe that one of the best ways to improve our community is by strengthening and supporting nonprofits doing smart, innovative work in our region. After all, you’re the heart of our mission.

How We Serve

1) Plan

Meet with CFO staff to explore your philanthropic goals, intended gifts, and discuss how your fund will operate.

2) Establish

Formalize your objectives and establish the appropriate fund. Your fund will be opened when you make a gift.

3) Gift

Make your gift of cash, stocks, or other assets and receive an immediate tax benefit, or create your planned giving document.

4) Invest

Funds are invested wisely and strategically to maximize impact and support your legacy.

5) Do Good

Based on your goals and intent, with continued support and guidance from CFO, recommend grants to create your intended impact.

6) Refine

As your fund grows, it creates a legacy of giving. For most funds, CFO helps you navigate changes grow into the future.

What We Provide


Improving outcomes and expanding opportunities for learners all across the education spectrum – and our region by unlocking the doors of opportunity. We provide the most relevant information on how to have the greatest impact in communities through research, giving and sustainable funding.


Made up of a diverse group of individuals, the staff at CFO is the Foundation’s greatest asset. We each bring our own expertise, skill sets, talents, and viewpoints. All with one goal: to improve the quality of life in the communities our clientele calls home.



At CFO, our values guide and sustain us. We are committed to strengthening communities and empowering individuals; to creating confidence and trust; and to partnering strategically to nurture leadership.

Our Partners

Established in 2003, the Women’s Foundation of Oklahoma advocates positive change for Oklahoma women and girls. WFO is committed to providing ongoing support to low-income single mothers working to complete their post-secondary education at Oklahoma colleges and universities.  WFO works with higher education institutions across Oklahoma to provide grants that are used not only for tangible items such as food, backpacks and baby supplies, but also for the services that can’t be quantified—such as mentoring, tutoring and even child care. These are all tools that single mothers desperately need when advancing their education, their life, and their futures.

When the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust (OETT) began in 2001, computer labs – with their rows of desktop CPU towers and bulky CRT displays – were all the rage in education. But just like the technologies their grants provide, OETT has evolved into a force for promoting inventive and authentic learning. By the end of their grant year, OETT schools will have succeeded in meshing classroom instruction with real-world educational scenarios while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. 

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