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Tahlequah Community Fund has been dedicated to connecting donors to the charitable needs of Tahlequah. Through TCF, individuals, families and organizations have a funding vehicle to support and grow charitable programs and projects that can preserve and enhance Tahlequah’s unique quality of life for many years to come.

Founded in 1999, the TCF is supported by a local advisory board that is comprised of seven local volunteers. TCF funds are managed by Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, an organization that manages community funds throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our grant emphasis is on programs benefitting arts, education, culture, health and wellness, community beautification and development, leadership, conservation and human services.


Tahlequah Community Fund, in partnership with Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, offer a few different ways to give. We’ve listed a few options below and reach out to an advisory board member or CFO directly if you have any questions.

Click here to donate online

Click here to make a tribute gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one

Click here to download the form to pay by wire funds

Pay by Check: Please make checks payable to Communities Foundation of Oklahoma and list Tahlequah Community Fund in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to Communities Foundation of Oklahoma, PO Box 21210, Oklahoma City, OK 73156

To read information on Tax Efficient Charitable Giving during life, click here



Each year, TCF accepts grants applications from the community. Application deadline is the last Friday in September. Awards are announced in October and monies dispersed in November. Preference is given to programs benefiting education, children, community wellbeing and quality of life. Currently, grants are limited to $3,500 or less. Successful grantees are required to submit follow-up reports in a timely manner. Application information is announced in August. To learn more about current grant opportunities, click here or contact treasurer JD Carey at 918-456-6665.

Special Project Challenge Grant

The Tahlequah Community Fund is proud to announce a new grant program intended for significant projects and physical improvements that benefit the entire community. TCF is starting this program with an offering of up to $50,000 to a nonprofit, local government, or school organization that submits a winning proposal for a project that emphasizes a physical improvement to our community that can benefit all. TCF is specifically looking for projects that can enhance our gathering places, recreational and green spaces, public art, or other community amenities. TCF offers these funds on a matching basis as a challenge for others to dream big and to envision community improvements that are greater than our single organizations alone could accomplish.


Since its founding, the Tahlequah Community Fund has awarded over 300 grants totaling more than $1,000,000 to local nonprofit groups in support of programs and projects that enhance the quality of life in Tahlequah. Some brief examples of this community impact are shared below.

Tahlequah Adult Education – GED Scholarship Support

Tahlequah Adult Education had just begun their major GED testing cycle for the 2022-2023 school year. They had 25 clients actively engaged in obtaining their GED. A minimum of 12 instructional hours and proficiency in a subject area were required before funds were allocated for GED testing. Most clients needed up to 30-40 hours of in-class instruction before they were academically ready. TAE strived to eliminate financial barriers and provide academic programs for clients wishing to obtain their GED. Thanks to Tahlequah Community Fund grants program, they accomplished these goals.


Now I Know My ABC’s – Developing The Alphabetic Principle In The Early Years

In education, the alphabetic principle is the foundation of all other reading skills. One passionate teacher deeply desired her students to understand the profound connection between written letters and spoken words. She wanted them to embark on a journey of exploration, delving into the systematic relationship that often felt foreign to young learners. This teacher embarked on a mission to provide her students with ABC tools that would unlock the magic of the alphabet.  One simple tool – the Magnetic Alphabet Maze – was a game changer for her and it was acquired by a grant from the Tahlequah Community Fund.

Witnessing the progress of the students as they used this new tool filled her with joy. Each one of them not only met but surpassed their expected benchmarks. They were on the path to becoming successful readers, armed with a solid foundation of letter knowledge that would serve as their compass on their educational journey.

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