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When a donor chooses where to give their money or resources, it’s usually personal. Whether it’s an organization they previously volunteered with, admired or just want to support, the donation comes with thoughtful impact. Donor Advised Funds are a unique tool for those donors looking to affect change through the power of grants.

For one anonymous couple, the chance to bless a longtime favorite organization of theirs was the vehicle they were looking for in their giving journey. After working with Savannah Station Therapeutic Riding Program for years, this couple set up a Donor Advised Fund through Communities Foundation of Oklahoma to give Savannah Station what they deserved—a permanent home. Through a generous gift, the organization was able to purchase the facility they needed and start a capital campaign to expand into the future.

These types of gifts can beg the question—why not just gift the donation directly to the organization? Donor Advised Funds allow for flexibility, adaptability and growing into the future, enabling donors to continue making an impact. For CFO donors like this couple, this giving vehicle allows them to not only support passion projects like Savannah Station, but expand into similar, like-minded projects in the future. Through their heart for special needs children and programs that expand access to achieve equity, CFO allows these donors to pool resources and create a larger, more longstanding impact on the organizations they choose. It is giving vehicles like a Donor Advised Fund that can create philanthropic relationships to last a lifetime.