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Callie Jordan knew Tahlequah. A fixture in the community, she volunteered with the First United Methodist Church, organized blood drives for the Red Cross and campaigned for Governor Nigh, amongst her other activities. She and her husband Clyde always gave back. What made Callie extraordinary was not only her service, although it was admirable, but also that she was blind. Born in 1910, Callie was rendered blind shortly after birth when a doctor administered improperly formulated eyedrops. Despite this, she thrived and achieved accomplishments that might have seemed impossible in a similar situation.

Upon her death, Callie left a generous inheritance to her family; looking for a way to honor her legacy, they wanted to mirror Callie’s accomplishments while contributing to the place that she called home—Tahlequah. They have chosen to open a fund that alleviates the financial burden associated with the first year of optometry school at Northeastern State University—a nod to Tahlequah and those looking to devote their lives to help preserve the gift of eyesight.

The Callie (Jordan) and Clyde Stinson Optometric Student Equipment Fund will operate in perpetuity and they are determined to garner community and alumni support. Offering this generous donation year after year will help inspire and produce more optometrists and hopefully lead to more recognition for the university. The legacy of Callie (Jordan) Stinson and her husband will be remembered as those who never let obstacles stand in their way; CFO and Callie’s family look forward to continuing her legacy through this endowment.