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Few opportunities just fall into your lap unexpectedly. For Quinn Maher, the opportunity of a lifetime happened just like that. He was sitting in a class at Edison High School when his school counselor walked in and told him she had found a scholarship opportunity for him. Quinn, whose father works in manufacturing, had long been interested in engineering and STEM. He and his dad always talked about the practicality of the job market that comes along with engineering and how it would lead to a stable career. This opportunity with the Tulsa Engineering Scholarship sealed the deal.

Having already decided on attending University of Tulsa to pursue a Music degree, Quinn opted to double major in Music and Engineering—making him a unique character on the TU campus. Being awarded the Tulsa Engineering Scholarship allowed him to live on campus and paid for the totality of his books; without the scholarship, Quinn says he would have come out of college in far more debt.

The scholarship, available to graduating seniors of Tulsa, Sand Springs, Jenks, Broken Arrow and Union public schools, and transfers from Tulsa Community College, funds students who are pursuing an engineering degree at a four-year accredited college. The purpose of the scholarship is to foster and enable the abilities of those interested in an engineering profession through higher education. The funds are awarded over eight semesters for graduating high school students and six semesters for TCC transfers; strong consideration is given to those with higher financial need.

“Being able to live at TU during college was an invaluable experience,” said Maher. “It gave me peace of mind knowing that I could fully immerse myself in the college community and complete my education with like-minded friends supporting me.”

The Tulsa Engineering Scholarship, and those like it, are designed to aid students in their educational pursuits and allow them to reach their fullest potential through the help of generous donors.